Frozen meals

by Natalie Heather

Yesterday, being Sunday, was my lazy day. You may have noticed that there was no “Sunday Storage” posted yesterday. The reason is that all I did yesterday was sit around, read, and eat. I only went on my computer in the evening to look at engagement rings with my sister.

My mom turned 60 last week, and we celebrated her birthday on Saturday night, after a 7 hour drive home from Gloucester, Massachusetts. How does this relate to anything? You’ll see.

As the party was for 70 people, and in our backyard, we decided to have it partially catered, partially potluck. The end result is that my mom’s home office is filled with sandwiches and other yummies. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, having celiac disease, the only thing I can eat from the leftovers would be… carrots. Now that won’t do! I now present to you my conundrum last night; while the rest of my family had leftovers, I was left to fend for myself in the humidity! The solution was simple, though not the healthiest option. A frozen meal!

I’m usually completely opposed to having frozen dinners. Anyone who knows my family knows that in this particular case,I take after my mother. She won’t even use those microwaveable Knorr Sidekicks Rice things. “Fresh is best” is her everyday mantra.

I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from this particular frozen meal (Caesar’s Gluten Free & Wheat Free Lasagna in Marina Sauce) but my hunger needed me to eat something! The 7-minutes it was in the microwave rushed by (I was reading a book, Trading Up by Candace Bushnell. On a side-note, wasn’t the type of book I tend to enjoy. I finished reading it when I woke up this morning… I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s trashy and fluffy.) and finally I was able to sit down and enjoy my meal. And enjoy it I did! It was so tasty.

This is my completely-unrelated-to-anything post of the week.