Spread Your Summer Wardrobe

by Natalie Heather

Now, we all know about my love for ModCloth. This love includes regular visits to their site to see the many fabulous things coming in weekly, as well as signing up for email newsletters. Especially if you’re tight for time, the email newsletters keeps you up to date with what’s going on and what’s new.

I received a particularly interesting newsletter a few days ago, and I plan to now share it with you. When moving into the slightly colder weather of fall, instead of throwing all your summer stuff into a box and storing it for the next 8 months, these easy tips will help you with a steadier transition.

5 tips for stretching your summer wardrobe into fall.

1. Add layers!

2. Tone down summery florals with dark, neutral cardigans.

3. Wrap up with a stylish scarf.

4. Cover bare legs with knit tights or kneesocks.

5. Keep toes toasty with platform wedge boots.

To some of you, this may seem like obvious things to do. But to others, this could be fabulously helpful.

So much talk of ModCloth made me go and visit their site, and I admired their new stylebook. Here are a few photos from the stylebook!

Left: Ahead of the Fleet Jacket $154.99, Equestrian Afternoon Shirt $39.99, I've Just Seen a Vase Skirt $34.99, Clue Bootie $127.99, Pistachio Pudding Bag $39.99, Too Hoot For Words Scarf $17.99, Beyond the Playground Fence Tights $14.99,Owl in a Row Ring $14.99, Lovely Legacy Earrings $12.99, Good Knight Ring $22.99. Right: Olive in Favor Cardigan $49.99, Caturday Tunic $44.99, On Your Way Skirt $64.99, Clover the Rainbow Flat $44.99, Viridian Sea Bag $62.99, The Sumptuous Socks $14.99, On the Marquise Earrings $9.99, Under Construction Necklace $64.99.

Left: Too Much Fun Dress in Grapefruit $77.99, Clear Eyes, Wool Hearts Cardigan $89.99, A Floral Engagement Wedge $49.99, Pudding Pie Bag $49.99, Grey Peacock Feather Tights $29.99, This Song's for You Belt $14.99, Bird Song Earrings $11.99, Forecast a Spell Necklace $37.99, Blushing Gal Hair Clips $9.99. Right: Feeding the Swans Dress $61.99, ce Box Cake Cardigan $84.99, Feeling Pine Flat $39.99, Travelin' Light Bag $39.99, Tights for Every Occasion in Saturday Soiree $14.99, Daisy of Our Lives Necklace $27.99, Rustic Radiance Belt $14.99, Garden Grows Headband $13.99.

Eeee! So striking!