Bangles and Amrita Singh

by Natalie Heather

I really am a bracelet person. I sometimes have trouble with necklaces; unable to figure out what looks nice with what and what length is nicest, etc. I’m getting better, though! What this means is that bracelets are one of my all time favorite accessories. I now present to you the newest items on PRIVÉ by Amrita Singh.

Danielle Bangles $22

Rupal Bangles $36

Zosim Bracelet $36

Statement pieces at their best.

Amrita Singh Jewelry launched in 2003, and she also designs earrings, rings, necklaces, cuffs, handbags, hair accessories, sandals, scarves, and jewelry cases. And believe me, it’s all gorgeous.

“Though jewelry making began as an “accidental love,” it grew into a unique and compelling “passion” according to Amrita.  Her design interests are global, reflecting the city that she inhabits and works in: urban, culturally diverse, and infused with artistic inspiration.”

La Belle Earring $50

Napeague Ring $100

Wisteria Crystal Necklace $250

Do you have a favorite piece? Let me know!