Kelly Keiser Splendid Interiors

by Natalie Heather

Featured last week on Gilt Groupe was Kelly Keiser‘s firm.

“This San Francisco–based designer Kelly Keiser’s firm (and store) is named Kelly Keiser Splendid Interiors. The third word is no exaggeration. The designer dubs her style personality as “rough luxe”—a mix of classic lines and industrial chic. That aesthetic is evident in these items (which come straight from her store’s stock, incidentally): from a slim-lined four-poster bed with a leather-upholstered headboard, to a polished-chrome task lamp.”

Antique Louis Vuitton Luggage Set $10,995

Hand-Painted Table $725

Hickory Chair $1,595

Bungalows Piedmont Dresser $1,774

Oly Studios Abe Lounge Chair $3,200

Antique Dress Form $295

If I had all the money in the world… I would be decorating my flat with items by Kelly Keiser Splendid Interiors.