Storage Sunday: Jewelry Case

by Natalie Heather

I am going to present to you a gem I found at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Garage sales are one of my favorite things in the world; you can find such incredible and unique things for good prices. Today I’m going to share with you this tool kit, gone jewelry case. It sounds awful, doesn’t it. I find it is actually gorgeous. Here is a rough starting point of what I was working with;

The tool case consisted of three drawers like this one, perfect for holding things. (See similar item on sale on Etsy here.) The previous owner used it for such things as nuts, bolts, screws and the like. As I’m sure you noticed in the picture, it was filthy. I gave it a good cleaning out with some good ol’ warm water, then gave it a quick shine with some pledge. Here’s an “action” shot, if you will.

Can you see the difference? I definitely can, but maybe that’s because I nearly broke my back cleaning it. After getting it all pretty and clean, I filled it with some of my favorite jewelry. The first drawer is dedicated to necklaces, the second to bracelets, and the third to rings, brooches, and earrings.

Please feel free to pay attention to the gorgeous jewelry. I decided not to add labels to the drawers. I like how the front of the drawers look without it.

As you can see, I wasn’t able to get off all the writing. I think it adds more personality, though. But what do you think? Worth the $10 I paid? I haven’t been able to find any jewelry displays/cases/holders for around $30.

I really like having my jewelry sorted; it makes it just that much more easily accessible. I already find that I’m wearing jewelry that I haven’t worn in months.