Beatiful Tableware for All Occasions

by Natalie Heather

Say hello to Rosanna Bowles. Rosanna Bowles is a Northwest educated, self-made entrepreneur. Marrying her passion for art history and a Masters in Italian, Rosanna began Rosanna Inc., a small Italian ceramic import business. Twenty-seven years and millions of dishes later, Rosanna Inc. has grown exponentially. Rosanna has emerged as a trendsetter in the homewares industry and established her product as an internationally acclaimed brand. Rosanna is a star presence in design circles, highly sought after for her expertise on mindful, gracious living.

Rosanna, Inc. described; “Our goal is always to create products that are three things: beautiful, functional, and unique. In short, we want to design pieces that add value to everyday life. ”



Cafe Belle Epoque

Comfort Food

Decor Bon Bon

Eat Dessert First


Four Calling Birds


Ice Cream

Kings Road Redux

La Patisserie

La Vie Boho



Petite Treat


Rococo Noir

Rosanna Bowls

I know I posted a lot of pictures, but they’re all just so lovely! With so many varieties, there is something for everyone. And yes, they have a Gift Registry. Dream come true.