Mind the Gap

by Natalie Heather

I used to shop at Gap as a kid. They had that amazing children’s section. Do you remember it? They had everything in every color. When I started shopping for myself, I kind of just blocked Gap out of my mind; it was still a shop for children. When I was in my really intense find-everything-online phase, I came across Gap again. I almost skipped it, but decided, well, what the hell. And what the hell is right. I can’t believe I’ve been so naive this whole time! They have such great things!

I was searching for a dress for a friend’s graduation party and was totally stumped. I had left it last minute, as per usual, and was having a crisis the day before the event. I was running around on St. Catherine street, desperate. Suddenly, out of nowhere (note: exaggeration) was Gap. I paused for a split second, and raced in. I didn’t set my hopes too high because I’d already been so disappointed already. But one of the first things I saw was a simple black dress. Actually, on closer inspection, it wasn’t that simple at all. It was a black polka dot sheer fabric. And so, so lovely. Empire waist with a bow tie. I wore it the next night with pearls and I felt great. It’s still in my closet, waiting for the right occasion…

Now, onto some new arrivals from Gap!

Studded Yoke Top $54.95

Gathered Top $54.95

Tiered Ruffle Henley Top $59.95

Rayon Shirred-Sleeve Tee $20.00

Tie-Neck Shirt $59.95

Pleated Front Dress $59.95

Paper Bag Waist Dress $59.95

Skinny Riding Pants $59.95

1969 Lightweight Always Skinny Jeans $49.95

Slouchy Pocket Pants $59.95

Yes, I need to get some stuff from Gap ASAP.