Shoes, Tea Pots, and Typewriters

by Natalie Heather

Say hello to some of the newest additions to my family. Drum roll, please.

Man, I’m still so happy I bought these. These are Eva & Zoe shoes that I bought for $20 at Off Broadway Shoes. (Side note, Off Broadway Shoes is really one of my favorite stores. In this case, I kind of have huge love for the fashion industry. Because the shoes are “last season”, they are discounted outrageously. The thing is though, they’re still absolutely gorgeous shoes!I only bought one pair of shoes this visit, but the bargains are so incredible. The sad part is is that the closest is about 5 hours away. ) I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of oxfords since last year, but I could only find them for around $100, and I really just couldn’t justify that.

Now, here’s something you should know about me; I like to plan ahead. I’ve been buying things for when I move out for the last few months. When I see something I like that isn’t too expensive (and sometimes when it is too expensive…) I think, well, why not buy it now? So I do. I’ve got a collection of a few things for when I move out. I much prefer spending my money over time as opposed to spending a whole bunch around the time I have to move out. So here is the most recent apartment purchase: this lovely tea pot. I bought it for $15!  Where did I get this wonderful piece? A nearby store called Alena Kirby; the best place for gifts for that special woman (women) in your life. For me, that would mean my mother, my grandmother, and on occasion my sister.

Yes, a typewriter. It’s not in the best condition, but it’s not in the worst either. And it’s so absolutely beautiful. How much did I spend on it? $10. Yes, that’s right. $10. The woman didn’t really want to part with it, seeing as how she was taught how to type on this keyboard, but we ended up paying more on other things (like 2 chest of drawers). As with the other purchases, I’m thrilled.