Fitness Friday: Week Four

by Natalie Heather

The battle continues. Check out my progress with me here.

On Sunday morning my mom and I woke up and drove over to the loacl gym. We usually have a cup of tea and a piece of fruit on our way over. We arrived just in time for our spin/yoga class. We expected it to be 50/50, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t 45 minutes of spin and 30 minutes of yoga. Let me tell you though, spin is intense! I wasn’t able to do all the things some of the more advanced people did, but I stayed on that stationary bike for 45 minutes! The yoga past went by really quickly, and I really liked that it was go go go, then relax and let yourself breath. I was very happy with that workout!

On Monday I had my fitness test in gym… Among other things, I did 4 push ups (yes, that is all I can do) and 51 curl ups in a minute. Oh, and I also ran up and down a flight of stairs 70 times. It wasn’t per se a “real” work out, but it was physical activity.

Tuesday and Wednesday both consisted of 25 minutes on the step machine at the gym. Both days I burnt around 250 calories.

I did not work out on Thursday and Friday.

I know, pretty bad, isn’t it? The days I did work out, I felt great! The days I didn’t work out, all I could think about was not working out.

Inspiration of the week: Fit Blogger. “Some of us have come from a very unhealthy place and find that writing a fitness blog has changed our lives, while others have always enjoyed healthy living and have found fitness blogging a fantastic way to share their passion with the world.”