Shabby Apple

by Natalie Heather

When looking at things online, presentation is really big for me. If the website and photography aren’t up to par, I have a lot of trouble liking it. Shabby Apple is an online shop, with a really gorgeous website and the photos are fabulous.

Andes Skirt $44

Cusco Skirt $54

Gray Fox $86

Lake Titicaca $86

Mauna Kea $88

New Caledonia $78

Peru, Polka Dot Dress with Dirndle Skirt and Mandarin Collar $88

Quipu, Boat Neck Tweed Dress $92

Walk the Plank Orange Shirt with Navy Ruffle Skirt

Not sure what to wear? They have this really great Fit to Flatter section, where you answer three simple questions and they tell you what will suit your body shape and style.

Also, you should check out My Wardrobe, an online shop with really lovely things.