BHLDN Weddings

by Natalie Heather

Let’s talk weddings! Wait, no. Let me rephrase. Let’s talk BHLDN.

I found BHLDN a few months ago when looking at wedding dresses. Is that weird? I don’t even have a boyfriend and I’m looking at wedding dresses. I like to think that it means when my wedding does come around, I’ll have more of  a grasp of want I like and dislike.

Anyways, I fell in love. I mean, everything is really beautiful and unique. I have never seen wedding dresses like these!  Not only that, though. They have a What Kind of Bride section, where you take a quick quiz, and they’ll sort you into one of the following categories: Nostalgic Romantic, Neo-Sophisticate, La Bohémienne, and Lady with a Twist. They then tell you a bit about the style, and give you an assortment of things that they think you’d like.

Panes of Lace Gown $1,186.14

This is my all-time favorite wedding gown ever. And that’s saying something. I’ve seen hundreds of gowns, and this is the one I love most! Yes, yes, the gowns are incredible. But you haven’t even seen the bridesmaids dresses yet…

Velocity Dress $415.15

Bowknot Pocket Shift $257.00

Savoy Dress $217.46

Fabulous? Yes! But you haven’t even seen what you can wear underneath, yet…

Pale Chromatics Bustier $454.69

Film Noir Knickers $177.92

Knotted Gamine Bra $57.33

Lovely, right? And now for the shoes…

Bombshell Booties $331.13

Polka-Dot d’Orsays $365.73

There’s no way it can get better, right? Wrong.

Unabashedly Gloves $59.31

Grandest Bow Headband $172.98

Libelle Headband $286.65

I mean, could anything be more perfect?