Jill Kirsh Color

by Natalie Heather

I discovered Jill Kirsh a few weeks ago through InStyle. Let me just say that Jill Kirsh is a color genius. She has divided hair colors into four groups: Golden Browns & Redheads, Warm Blondes, Deep Brunettes, and Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray. Now, within these groups, you can watch a short video where Jill Kirsh explains the importance of color, in terms of clothing and makeup, in relation to our hair color.

Because I’m in the Golden Browns and Redheads category, I’ll be sharing things from within that category. Jill Kirsh has many things available on her website, but what I am most interested in is the Swatch Book.

Golden Browns and Redheads Swatch Book $49.50

“You wouldn’t apply your makeup without a mirror and you’ll never again want to go shopping without Jill’s Swatch Book to choose your perfect colors when shopping in stores or in your closet! This is your personalized guide to always selecting the shades that compliment your hair color to make you look more beautiful, younger and yes thinner!

Jill’s Supreme Swatch Book is a two-sided color spectrum of fabric with all your best shades of every color. This compact ‘gospel to color’ is always with you for even the unexpected shopping moment.”

Others things I’m interested in is the Ultimate Makeup Kit and Golden Browns & Redheads Scarf.

Golden Browns and Redheads Ultimate Makeup Kit $145

Olive, Leaf Greens & Purple Magenta GBRH Scarf $150

The only thing I have a problem with is the price… $150 for a scarf? My max is $50, and even that is a lot! I am still seriously contemplating getting the Swatch Book, just because it would be so handy when shopping. Sometimes we get distracted by the style of something, and don’t really realize that the color doesn’t really suit us.