Asos &… Bow Ties?

by Natalie Heather

Remember when I wrote about Bow Ties, and the simple DIY I found? If not, catch up here. I was on ASOS (looking at their super amazing Mid-Season Sale; post to follow) and, yes, saw bow ties. Clearly I’m not out of my mind with my love of bow ties if ASOS has them… They don’t just have bow ties, though. They have really-pretty-and-fabulous-bow-ties-that-I-want-to-wear-everyday. When did this happen and how come I didn’t get the memo?

Oversized Tartan Bow Tie £4.00

Floral Print Bow Tie £19.00

Lace Bow Tie £19.00

Polka Dot Bow Neck Tie £8.00

Uh, yeah. I think I’ll be either buying a few, or making a few, bow ties. Way to add spice to any old blouse.