Forever XXI Accessories

by Natalie Heather

I have news! I’m not sure why I have been refraining from sharing, but I have. I got a job as a Sales Associate at Smart Set! The is my first job in retail; previously I was an Administrative Assistant.

I really love working at Smart Set. But this has caused some changes to my wardrobe. Can you guess why? Yes, not only because I have to wear Smart Set clothing when I work, but also because of the discount. As with most stores, employees get a discount. For this reason, my wardrobe is slowly (well, quickly) being overtaken by Smart Set clothing. Click here to see some of the new things I’ve bought! And I have already noticed a big shift in what I wear, and I’ve been getting many more compliments. Working in retail has really helped me figure out how I want to dress.

Now, Smart Set has no shoes, and little variety in terms of bags and accessories. So my new plan is to buy 90% of my clothing at Smart Set (the 10% being if I really fall in love with something elsewhere). In terms of accessories, I’ve bought a few really versatile pieces from Smart Set that I can wear when I go to work, but I’ll go out and buy other, more exciting accessories elsewhere. Where am I thinking? Forever XXI, of course.

I will occasionally buy clothing from Forever XXI, but I mainly only buy jewelry and bags, and the occasional pair of shoes. Here are some of the things that I will really need to add to my lovely new wardrobe!

Heart Petal Studs $4.80

Curved Sparkling Earrings $6.80

Textured Contrast Bracelet $7.80

Tribal Hinge Bracelet $11.80

Beaded Box Chain Necklace $10.80

Spiked Stars Necklace $12.80

Floating Feather Necklace $5.80

Buckled Leopard Oxfords $29.80

Buckled Ankle Boots $39.80

Suedette Ankle Boots $33.80

Faux Reptile Handbag $33.80

Embellished Canvas Handbag $22.80

Do you like anything?