Storage Sunday: Elfa

by Natalie Heather

I came across The Container Store quite by accident. But you know how I am about organization and new ideas. How could I resist?

(As a side note, I almost just burnt my toast in my excitement to share this with you.)

While browsing The Container Store website, I noticed a section entitled Organize with Elfa. Maybe you, like me, thought Elfa was a person. It’s not. Elfa is a closet-design system. Yes, you read that right. Closet-design.

Basically you enter who will be using it, the dimensions of your closet, wall color, door style, and a few other things, and poof! They have designed a closet for you! They will also tell you how much it will cost for them to install it, or for you to DIY. Fabulous? Yes!

Give it a try!