DIY Elbow Patches

by Natalie Heather

Since I wrote about elbow patches here, I now have two pieces of clothing with elbow patches! A lovely patterned cardigan from H&M and a really cute striped sweater from Smart Set. I’m still pining over other pieces with elbow patches, though. Sadly, my wallet is wearing thin and I really need to rethink what I’ll be buying.

Now, it just so happens that I came across a post by the ever so lovely Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, who I wrote about here and here. This time it’s about how to add elbow patches to your clothing! Click here for the DIY.

Cute? Uh, yeah. You can’t really find this type of thing in any store. So unique! I’m definitely going to do this on some of my old sweaters that need some jazzing up.