The G.I. Diet

by Natalie Heather

Have you been wondering what on earth’s happened to Fitness Fridays? I have been hoping nobody noticed, but still feeling utterly guilt-ridden for starting something that I didn’t finish, especially because it has to do with people other than myself.

Well, what happened was this. I had a bad week and didn’t work out too much. And I really didn’t want to share my disappointment, so I decided to not write a Fitness Friday that week. Well, the next week was much of the same. Even when I did work out, I didn’t take note of how I did and decided not to share. Weird? Yes, I think so as well. I really can’t explain it.

I haven’t weighed myself in awhile, and I never really was one for looking at weight loss in terms of weight, but more in terms of inches that come off. I’ve been nervous to do even that!

Remember my sister’s blog? Well, she started a new one (which you must definitely check out here). She writes more often, about health and fitness, in a manner that is clear and to the point. I love reading it, because it makes me so much more knowledgeable than I am.

The only thing is… I feel guilty whenever I read it, because it’s a slap in the face that I’m not exercising (or even eating healthy!) when I really should be. I see no point in hiding my weight, BMI or anything else from other people. It’s just a fact of me, and I’m not too bothered about people think about it. So, here we go. My BMI states that I am borderline obese. Does this make me worried? Yes, very worried.

I’ve had many fitness goals over the years. Even when I weighed 125, I wanted to lose my tummy. In retrospect, that is incredibly silly and I had a great body. Now I’m 50 pounds heavier and find it harder than ever to eat healthy and exercise. I find it so hard to set my eyes on a goal and really work for what I want.

I bet you’re all wondering where I’m going with this. Well, when I came home from school today, I happened to noticed a book entitled Living the G.I. Diet by Rick Gallop on the counter. My mom mentioned it a few days ago and it sounded like an absolutely nutty diet to me, so I kind of blew it off. I picked up the book and read through it a bit, and finally decided that you know what, I’ll give it a try.

My mom (and kind of my dad) and I have decided that for a month, we’re going to try to stick to the G.I. Diet. That means that on December 1st, we’ll look at the results. Not just in terms of weight, but also in terms of how we feel.

So here we go. The G.I. diet starts now!

Let’s go grab some green tea.