Oliver Bonas

by Natalie Heather

Are you looking for some nice things to spice up your home? Oliver Bonas has some great things that I would love to have in my home.

Multi Hearts Frame £39.00

Vintage Playing Cards 'QUEEN' Picture £35.00

I Have a Dream: The Speeches That Changed History £9.99

Set of 5 Floral Hooks £22.00

In the Woods Set of 4 Plates £22.50

Rubix Multi 7 Drawer Cabinet £495.00

What’s that you say? You thought this was a fashion blog? Don’t worry, Oliver Bonas has really great clothing too.

Yumi Sausage Dog Print Dress £24.50

Winter Bird Dress by Poem £59.00

Jarlo Nancy Tea Dress £42.00

I love it all!