Scented Candles

by Natalie Heather

Have you been wondering why I haven’t been writing for a few days? Well, here’s the thing. My computer has taken ill, and tends to shut down regularly. Annoying? Yes, very! What does this mean? I will write a post, my computer will shut down, and I will lose the post. Argh!

Anyways, do you know what happened to me on Friday night? No, of course not. Let me tell you!

I went to the heart of Montreal for some shopping, and could not find a thing. The stores I went to were some of my usual ones, like H&M, Payless, and Forever XXI. I also ventured into some shops I don’t often shop at, like Spring, Urban Outfitters, and Bedo. What did I find? This blazer at Forever XXI. That is the only thing! Isn’t that weird?

Now here’s the thing. I have been stumped as to what to share with you. I’ve been browsing online stores, and I am finding it hard to like anything. Anything!

But here’s a good idea for a gift from InStyle: Scented candles! Who doesn’t like scented candles? Actually, I don’t.  But I wouldn’t say no to them.