A Headboard, my dear!

by Natalie Heather

I moved away from home at the beginning of June. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of cleaning, painting, moving, and general craziness. It also included some frustrating moments (why on earth did we order that color for the office?) and a few funny ones (putting a cold, wet towel on my fiancé, Robin, when he wasn’t expecting it…), but all in all it is great.

I moved out of the house I have lived in my entire life to the centre of the city. A few things I love:

  • Everything is within walking distance.
  • Everything is easily accessible.
  • Can you say people watching?
  • The view! Hello 16th floor balcony!

Everything is starting to fall into place – the sofa we’ve been eyeing for awhile is finally on sale (so we’re ordering it tomorrow), the painting is nearly done, and we are finding a place for everything. The one thing that we are really having trouble with is… dum dum dum, the bed.

There isn’t really a problem. Well, so far the only problem is that it’s really just a mattress on wheels. Let me tell you, that does not look nice. I remembered that I had seen some headboard DIY forever ago, so I decided to check it out. Sadly, most of them are more difficult than I was hoping for, so who knows what we’ll end up with. Take a look!

Trash to Treasure

Industrial Chic

Rustic Romance

Organic Element

Bold and Rustic

Dramatic Upholstery

A Work of Art

Framed Fabric Headboard

Wallpapered Headboard

Home Centre Headboard

Tall Order

Window of Opportunity

Rustic Influence

Shabby Chic

I know, that is a lot of pictures. I am so inspired, though! I have a feeling I will spend the summer going from garage sale to garage sale, flea market to flea market.

Have a favorite? Let me know!