Wine and Cheese

by Natalie Heather

Let’s talk about cheese, shall we? I have wanted to be more adventurous with cheese. I mentioned this to Robin over dinner, and what followed was an attempt to figure out how to try new, exciting cheeses while on a very strict budget.

Here is what we came up with: A BYOC Party: Bring Your Own Cheese (and wine!). Pick a budget (we were thinking between $15 and $20 – student life) and have each person either bring a bottle of wine or two types of cheese. If you have it so that everybody brings something they have never tried before, you will end up with an exotic blend of wine and cheese! Create an open dialogue so that the guests can discuss what they have chosen – and so that you don’t end up with five bottles of Wallaroo Trail.

The more people you invite, the more you can try! If you have a few (ok, quite a few) dollars hanging around, you may want to buy these cheese markers (or maybe these cheese markers…), this cheese knife set, or this cheese board to enhance the party experience.

Another slightly simpler idea is a twist on a pot-luck. A week or two before the party, assign each guest a country. Ask them to bring one large dish (or a few smaller dishes) of a meal common in that country. Think of all the delicious food you would be able to try!