Sew Inspired

by Natalie Heather

I am all a-flutter with excitement!

For the last 4 years, I have been trying to arrange to learn to sew. I have wanted my own little sewing corner where I could sew anytime, without bothering anyone. This is so close to becoming a reality!

There was not nearly enough space in my bedroom at home to fit a whole sewing corner (trust me, there wasn’t room for even a chair) but since moving out… Well, we have an office now! And it may be possible to just squeeze a sewing corner in there!

While looking through some posts over at ReFashionista, and was truly inspired. I then clicked through to Charity Shop Chic and was blown away.  I mean, what these two women have been able to do is incredible. Go check them out. Now. Here is my favorite Charity Shop Chic refashion. Amazing!

While browsing through Charity Shop Chic (yes, I read every bloody post – don’t judge) I found a few handy websites for patterns and sewing tips. Bookmarked!

(For some reason, this part of the post was deleted and not published – my apologies. I guess that’s what happens when you try to blog at 4 o’clock in the morning.)

First, please allow me to introduce you to Coletterie – a really awesome blog about sewing. They also have a separate site for their patterns, named Colette Patterns, and here are my top picks.

Crepe – No. 1013, $18

Peony – No. 1017, $18

Rooibos – No. 1006, $18

Eclair – No. 1004, $18

Macaron – No. 1001, $18

Pretty amazing, aren’t they? They also sometimes post free patterns (yes, that’s right – free) like this Sorbetto Top, which you can also see that Charity Shop Chic did here.

Another new and favorite find is The Sew Weekly, another site full of tips and tricks. My favorite part is the Make This Look section. The best part is that they give tips on how to accessorize. Hooray!

Make This Look: Good Ol’ Daisy Dress’

Make This Look: Champs-Elysees You Do Too Dress

Make This Look: Too Much Fun Dress in Barbecue Blue

Make This Look: Strawberry Sunday Dress

Make This Look: The Courtney Dress

Make This Look: Next Weekend Dress in Evening

Isn’t that just incredible? Talk about ways to save money.