Pickled Vintage

by Natalie Heather

Let me start off by saying, Happy Canada Day! I hope you are able to enjoy the day and that you are free to see some fireworks. I love fireworks!

We all know that I have a particular itching for all things vintage. While browsing for inspiration on Coletterie, I discovered this lovely Etsy shop: Pickled Vintage. “The fabric and fashion of yesteryears…” What originally caught me eye is sadly already sold, but their other pieces are just as captivating.

1950s blouse, SOLD

1940s dress / linen dress quilted skirt, $365.00 USD

Vintage 1940s draped party dress, $215 USD

Vintage 1950s skirt / novelty print, $54 USD

Vintage cardigan / sequined blouse, $36 USD

Vintage 50s illusion dress, $135 USD

Vintage 1980s sweater, $38 USD

Oh dear me. Lovely. Of course, looking through this store led me to another store, which I’m sure will lead me to another store… We may be seeing a lot of vintage finds this week. Nobody’s complaining, right?