Go Mod

by Natalie Heather

I can’t help but go check out Modcloth every once in awhile. The prices make me cringe, and the styles make me regret everything I owne, but somehow… it is inspiring. I especially like their apartment section.

There’s just something about Modcloth! I don’t know if it’s the fun website, the quirky clothes, or the fun patterns, but something about it keeps me coming back for more. Something that is definitely annoying, though, I have to say, is that I am unable to copy the photos to share with you! You’ll just have to take my word for it that these dresses are worth clicking through to:

No, I’ve realised why I keep coming back – the clever and cute clothing titles!

For those of you who don’t know Modcloth, maybe these photos from Adventures in Style Collection will help convince you.

Boston Beautiful: Recital from Memory Dress, $147.99; Bold and Basic Heel, $34.99; Cool Customer Necklace, $17.99

Seattle Superb: Perfect Tennessee Dress, $74.99; Sun Dial it Up Vest, $44.99; Weave-y Going Wedge, $189.99; Right on Point Belt, $32.99

Are you in love yet? You should be! Another thing I love about Modcloth (this list keeps growing, doesn’t it?) is the Be the Buyer section. Here you are presented with items Modcloth is thinking of putting on the market. You are able to give you opinion. Would you buy it? Would it look nicer in a different color? Is the cut awkward? It it loads of fun, and I always feel top notch when I do it. Just watch me put on my prom dress, go to a fancy coffee shop and browse through their styles.