Shabby Apple: Take Two

by Natalie Heather

First of all, a very happy Fourth of July to you all!

Now, while browsing through the archives on the blog, I was able to rediscover Shabby Apple. I find that because I blog, I don’t feel the need to remember styles or stores, because ths will act as a memory tool. It would work, if I ever go through old posts! Shabby Apple has this amazing Fit to Flatter section, where with 3 simple questions, they will point you in the direction of clothing that is suited to fit your body shape. It’s also a great confidence booster, because there are no options like “I hate every part of my body” – as if that would help finding the right dress style for you anyways!

While browsing through their website, I ended picking exactly what I had chosen last time (which was in September 2011) and more! Here are the new picks.

Blue Eyes, $96

The Industry Skirt, $56

2300 and 23 Inches, $84

Ivory Tower Skirt, $48

L’Amour, $88

A+, $78

Hyannis Skirt, $59

If only!