Vogue Inspiration from March

by Natalie Heather

I tend to buy Vogue every chance I get. I had a specific reason for picking up the March 2012 edition, though. Adele was on the cover.

I am only now browsing through the pages, though. I haven gone more than 5 pages and already I feel the need to share. The first advertisement was by Fendi (isn’t it always?) and I was just, well, impressed, to say the least! It’s all cut-outs, sequins, feathers, and a lovely striped trench coat. Just as a side note, I was not impressed with their website. Their advertisements are very dark and play with seduction a lot. Most of the time, there is a woman staring directly into the camera with a (possibly half nude) man staring at her (John Berger would have a lot to say about this). In this one though, she almost seems oblivious. I can’t help but love it. I love that the photographs are black and white, yet you can still see that the clothing is amazing. The man in the background looks like he’s about to eat her, though.

Next came Louis Vuitton. Here’s a little story about how I was introduced to Louis Vuitton… When I bought my first phone, I bought a case for it at the Rogers store. There was this really cute one in white leather with little patterns on it (you all know what I’m talking about), I loved it! On the train to school the next morning, someone gasped and said “Oh my god. Is that Louis Vuitton?” (Note: I was at a private school where some of the girls there could actually afford names like Louis Vuitton). Needless to say, I had no idea what she was talking about… The pattern on the case I had bought was extremely similar, though. I had accidentally bought a knock-off! There ad was lovely. I mean, really. The color scheme was such a contrast from Fendi, but it works for Louis Vuitton. I adore those lace collars. And the big buttons!

Following Louis Vuitton was, drum roll please, Prada. Sadly, I couldn’t find the exact advertisement they used in the Vogue magazine I have (where there is a gorgeous pleated dress that you can see here), but this is a similar concept. Bright colors, models with ever so slightly puckered lips, vintage style hair-dos… What’s not to love? The patterns are fun and interesting, and they manage to combine them with such interesting cuts and shapes. I love it! They also make a point to have every model carrying a bag – why not fit all possible products into the same advertisement? It manages to not look like they are obviously trying to sell you everything on the page. I like that a ot.

And that, my dears, is my inspirational post of the day. Have a lovely Thursday evening!