Cue Stress… and Excitement

by Natalie Heather

Now little miss, where have you been?

I’ve sure you’ve all been dying to know where I’ve been. The truth is, I just haven’t had access to a laptop! I’ve been at my parent’s house (not to mention a road trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts – photographs and stories coming soon) and the internet here is… far from good. The point? WordPress would never load. Never ever! Well, because school is starting next week (what? School? You’re joking, right?) I had to do something about the laptop situation. Ta-da, a brand new MacBook! There goes all of my savings. Just kidding. Kind of.

So I have a spanking new laptop and so much to tell you about. The biggest news:

Besides learning to sew, I will start making watercolors again and, gasp, sell them! This is all thanks to my fabulous sister who convinced me that my stuff is good enough to sell. Don’t hold your breath, I’m a perfectionist. It’ll be at least a month before anything “passes the test” to be put up for sale. Robin and I will also start printing and framing our photographs to sell as well. Etsy shop, here we come! Excited? We are too! But as I said, school is starting…

Keep checking in for more updates on our artistic endeavours, and I will definitely need to share how my first week at McGill goes. There is so much excitement! Oh gosh, what will I wear?