Rants about Pants

by Natalie Heather

A very happy Labour Day to you!

Usually, university starts the day after Labour Day. But this year… Oh, are we ever in for excitement! There is a provincial election on September 4. We may have some big changes in Quebec soon. We will see.

Anyways, on to not-so-stressful things, I had a moment last week where I was in need of some good sing-a-long songs to up the mood. I now have three of the albums by the Glee Cast on my iTunes. Three?! Yes, three. I went a little nuts. My favorites are Rolling in the Deep, Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, and Don’t Stop Believin’. I was also ready to buy every season, but luckily Robin came to the rescue. We watched No Strings Attached and The Bounty Hunter instead. Not nearly as good, but saved me quite a bit of money!

Now, I have something very important to discuss with you. Have you been searching high and low for that perfect pair of pants? I have. I often find that if pants look nice knee-down, they don’t even fit knee-up! If they fit knee-up, it looks like I am wearing parachutes for pants. I have found a store that seems to master the womanly curves, and I bet you’ll be surprised. Ready? Are you sure? It’s Old Navy.

I had completely overlooked Old Navy in recent years, deciding it was cheap and not at all good style. Was I ever wrong! Not only have I picked up some super cute shorts and tops, the pants just blow my mind! Sadly, they don’t have everything on their website. But say hello to my everywhere pants – Plain Front Capris. They were incredibly flattering all around, and not too heavy either. I bought them in Burnt Ochre as well as Basswood Brown. I wish I could have bought them in Black Jack, but they are completely out just about everywhere.

Next, please allow me to introduce a slightly heavier, cover all flaws pant. I have to say, I get tired of wearing jeans again and again. So I’ve started opting for coloured trousers, these being my first purchase.

The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, $44.50

I know they look super tight, but they really aren’t the oh-god-I-can’t-breathe pants. There’s also a very similar pant with different colours.

The Rockstar Pop-Color Jeans, $44.50

Isn’t that color gorgeous? I am definitely going to order that. It’s a subtle enough colour that I would be able to wear it with just about every shirt in my closet, as opposed to opting for the bright orange version. They also have very nice Curry Red and Boombox Brown options. Tempted!

Last year when I started working at Smart Set, they came out with a collection of cords. At first I was super skeptical, but after trying them on I realised they were a blessing in disguise. Again, a pair of pants that looked really good (without being plain jeans!) that were also super comfy. It was like wearing thick leggings! I couldn’t get over how great it was. Well, Old Navy has come out with some cords. I can’t vouch for them since I haven’t tried them on, but they look really good (and I haven’t been disappointed with Old Navy trousers yet).

Pop-Color Rockstar Cords, $39.50

These cords also have my favorite colours available, like Carbon, Aniseed, and In The Navy. Spectacular.

Now, if you’re still with me, you’ll be happy to know that you can order whichever trousers you’d like (free shipping) with 25% off until tonight at midnight. You’ll also probably be ecstatic to know that that very 25% off applies to Gap and Banana Republic. What? Yes, that’s right. Get shopping! Treat yourself to a Labour Day gift to you! You deserve it. I might try to get some back-to-school shopping in tomorrow. Online, obviously, since practically everything is closed.