Statement in Style

by Natalie Heather

It’s not rocket science that accessories can make or break an outfit. I tend to be very conservative in my jewelry (and often in my clothing as well), but I am hoping to break out of that shell. I am moseying on down to Forever XXI sometime this week to take a look at their jewelry. Don’t worry, I know it’s cheap. But for statement jewelry that you may end up not wearing very often, it does the trick.

While in Beijing earlier this year, my sister and I (as well as her wonderful boyfriend who put up with us) did a few trips to the local markets. No, not food markets. I went with one goal in mind: to find an every day scarf. I can tell you right now that I failed on that mission. I did find a very lovely print scarf though, in such lovely colours. I am ashamed to say that to this day, I have still not worn it…

Though I failed on my mission, I did come out with a few very cute dresses (none of which fit when I tried them on back at the hotel) and a whole range of jewelry. Gillian is an expert when it comes to accessories: shoes, scarves, jewelry – you name it. In short, she told me to get out of my comfort zone. I ended up buying some things that were completely out of my comfort zone, and I mean completely. I bought a long, gold chain necklace with lime green clove-like charms. It sounds really terrible when I describe it, but it’s really not that bad! There are a few other pieces that are similar in strangeness, but there are a few pieces of jewelry that I really love, and have been waiting for the right occasion to wear them.

The lesson: when Natalie goes out of her comfort zone, it does not go well. Kind of like the time I went rock climbing and cried the whole time.

I need to take the slow, baby steps to more dramatic jewelry. And I really think I should get rid of some of the junk I already have.

These are all from Forever XXI. They are pieces of jewelry that I think are fun, but not too wild. Ergo, I think I would actually wear them. The colours are not too crazy and they have the potential to match with most of what it in my wardrobe. Hopefully I will start creeping out of my comfort zone.

What is your jewelry style?

P.S. Thanksgiving sales have started today. Exciting! You should treat yourself. Or just window shop.