Look Book: Better Days

by Natalie Heather

Last week, I had read a post by Claudia on her blog about the little black jacket – whatever the heck that is! I fell in love with one she shared (see it here), so when I saw this one at Smart Set, I knew I had to have it.

I apologize for the super awkward first photo, this was the only even slightly decent one – so I’m sure you can imagine what the other pictures looked like. I just wanted to show what the jacket looked like!

Outfit details:

Top – Smart Set
Jeans – Gap
JacketSmart Set
Earrings – Aldo
Necklace – Finnegan’s Market
Boots – Old Navy

The jacket is originally $65, but I snagged it for $39. It’s not the typical jacket, but I feel like I will get quite a bit of wear out of it. I was so excited to show my sister when I arrived home, only to discover that she had bought a similar one herself!

A not fun fact is that I bought those jeans on Thursday, and on Monday the zipper broke. Well, it didn’t break, per se, it derailed. There was a gap (oh, the irony!) at the lower part of the zip, and it was able to just completely fall apart. I am going to go back to Gap to try to either get a refund or a discount on anther pair of pants. A four day life span is unacceptable!

Title: Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls.