Coral Lips and a DIY Christmas

by Natalie Heather

Last night we had some friends over for a quiet Halloween party. We were aiming for a few games of Zombie Dice, a few not-too-scary movies (we watched Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show), and some good ol’ pumpkin carving. We achieved the first two, and some Settlers of Catan. It was a great time! Sadly, we didn’t make it around to pumpkin carving. I guess I know what Robin and I are doing tonight.

Being the try-hard hostess that I am, I made some yummies for our guests. I made Sweet Potato No-Skins which were absolutely fantastic. I mean, I don’t think I can quite get across how delicious they were. I think it’s safe to classify them as comfort food. I also made Ranch Chicken Strips, which were good, but they were definitely missing something. Maybe a dash of lemon.

On a completely different subject, I have decided that pyjama days are not good. Well, it’s not that they aren’t good. They can be amazing. I think the trick is moderation. I think I have been indulging in pyjama days a bit too often recently and have ended up feeling like a slob. Definitely not a fun time!

Yesterday I decided that I would have no more pyjama days – and I would also make more of an effort in my appearance. Just the little things, like a bolder lipstick or some different jewelry.

This morning, I woke up early (partially because of a pounding headache, but whatever gets you up, right?) and got dressed. Now, that doesn’t seem like a crazy statement at all, but usually I would just go to the kitchen and get going on breakfast! Don’t get carried away, I didn’t throw on my ball gown. I threw on a pair of jeans, a simple white v-neck (thank you, Old Navy) and some mid-heels just to practice. I also applied lipstick (with an awesome trick from The Beauty Department) that I bought last year for a friend’s wedding and have not worn again since. What better time to try lipstick then when you’re home all day? For good measure, I also put on a necklace I recently bought from American Eagle. It sits a little funny, so I wanted to wear it and see if maybe there was a trick to get it to sit right.

I bet you’re wondering why I took a picture. Well, I have always wanted to do project where I took pictures of myself every day for a certain amount of time (kind of like this guy and this guy). Mine wouldn’t be quite as orderly though. It’s kind of like creating a memory book of x amount of time. I don’t know, for some reason that appeals to me.

Now, for different news! My entire family will be going to London, England for New Year’s. That is very exciting! This means that not only do I need to save up to buy my ticket, I need to save up for some London shopping! I have taken a vow (with myself) to not buy anything clothes or fashion related until we arrive in London. How exciting! A challenge! This challenge has been going on for two weeks already and I haven’t found it very difficult at all.

While on this money saving strike, I’ve been looking into how to save money in the biggest upcoming money dispenser: Christmas. Since I know certain family members don’t check out my blog, I can safely share what I am looking at making for them for Christmas!

For one brother, the fitness and sport obsessed who loves sweets, I am going to attempt to make these coasters.

For my other brother, the person who is the most difficult to shop for, I’m thinking of making this secret hollow book. For his birthday, I bought him this Hopside Down Beer Glass and he (seemed to) like it very much.

What do you think? I’ve been having trouble find a good DIY for my father. I thought he would be one of the simplest! I guess I was wrong. Have any clever ideas? He likes golf, beer and watching the History Channel.

Not sure what to get for someone? Thanks to Tip Junkie and their post about 48 Homemade Gifts In A Jar, I was able to find a bunch of other DIY gifts that are simple, but would be so lovely to receive. A few favorites are Cookies in a Jar, Lemon Sugar Scrub in a Jar, and Classic Cocoa in a Jar.