Autumn Layers

by Natalie Heather

First, my best hopes go to those who are anywhere near Hurricane Sandy. I hope everybody stays safe (and stays inside!), it’s getting pretty windy here in Montreal, but I think the worst of it is coming around midnight.

While having minor panic attacks for everybody in close proximity of Frankenstorm, I tried turning to a few things to take my mind off of it, mainly studying for a test on Wednesday and reading Northanger Abbey (Oh Jane, you know just what to say!).

Sadly, I can’t help but keep a livestream on, and it’s extremely difficult to concentrate with a constant flow of voices, so I think it’s time to call it quits for tonight. Instead, here are some really adorable layering ideas from Ruche.

What? You’ve never heard of Ruche? You are missing out, my dear! They have some of the most adorable clothes (think Anthropologie) that are definitely affordable (somewhere between Forever XXI, H&M… sometimes a bit closer to Zara).

If I was still buying clothes, I would have ordered some things from Ruche by now… Darned! It’s all so lovely!

If I could, I would have ordered this dress (Risa, you’ve inspired me!), as well as this lovely colorblocked clutch.

And maybe a pair of darling floral heels. If I have to.

Ok, I’m also dreaming about this dress.

And this one.