Dogs, Dresses, and Patterns

by Natalie Heather

Why, hello there!

Robin and I had a “wine and cheese” tonight, more details to come soon!

Now, the reason I am here is that I wanted to share a few things. First, this picture makes me giggle so much. I know Halloween is over, but we still have our pumpkins up which means it is ok to keep posting about Halloween things. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

Second, I fell in love with this dress and am sincerely hoping that I will win the lottery. I don’t even buy lottery tickets. That makes it a pretty silly wish, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll find a few thousand dollars on the ground one day. No, I don’t think I’d be able to keep that. I think I would donate it to charity.

I once saw a man drop $50 on the ground. I was in a hotel having drinks with my parents and Robin. I chased him down a few blocks and finally caught up to him. Turns out he was a hockey player for the Montreal Habs, who would’ve guessed? He told me to keep it, that he had enough. Well well! I was shocked.

Anyways, the reason I would like to win the lottery is for this Oscar de la Renta dress.

Isn’t that just one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen? I mean, it would clash terribly with my hair, but it’s just so pretty.

Last, and certainly not least, a blogger that I adore, Megan Nieslen, is having a giveaway. She started her own brand of patterns a year ago today (well, a few days ago) and she’s holding a giveaway to honour how well it’s gone. You should definitely try your luck! She has the most gorgeous patterns! This one is my favourite.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for an exciting new series on Ivory Avenue!