My Week in Pictures

by Natalie Heather


I have decided to try a different way of showing you what I’m wearing and doing. Something about pulling out the DSLR made me extremely nervous (and I would therefore look terribly awkward). It’s also not that easy in the spur of the moment to pull out the camera. So for a little awhile, I will do a collection of photos from my week taken with my phone! Most of the photos go on Instagram (you can follow me @natalieivory) but a few will be blog exclusive. Let’s see if this works! Let me know what you think.

Strathcona Building on Sherbrooke Street

The heels I mentioned in this post from Payless (they have them in so many different colours!) and the necklace I wore on Saturday night from Dynamite

Monday morning breakfast treat for two!

Silk scarf from a market in Beijing and a burnt orange bag from Aldo (who are having a 40% off sale today!)

Bird houses in the heart of the city

Café Noisette

Metal Autumn necklace from Next, a sheer blouse and my favourite sweater form H&M

Sushi treat

Robin and I had a Wine and Cheese party last night. Yes, just for the two of us! I was really sick on Wednesday night (too many treats from Halloween? No, couldn’t be…) so we decided to have a night in. We had Balderson Cheddar, Rosenborg Danish Blue Cheese, Le Trappeur Brie, and Oka Classique. My favourite was definitely the Oka, mhmm!

Anyways, what do you, dear reader, think about the photos from Instagram? Is it a good idea? Is it boring? Should I go hide in a hole?

Questions? Ask away! I would love to hear from you.

P.S. If anyone can come up with a clever name for this type of post, I’m all ears! Maybe “Photo Sharing Friday”? Or “Fancy Friday Photographs”? Or maybe “Follow My Photos”. Hmm.