The Secret of Gift Giving

by Natalie Heather

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m already starting to panic about Christmas. I know it’s only 40 days away… Wait, what? Only 40?! Oh gosh, I’ll never make it!

Flare tweeted about their “17 Gifts Under $50” and I thought, “perfect – fun, creative gift ideas!” Except it wasn’t fun… or creative. For the most part, at least.I feel like I always have such high hopes for gift giving at Christmas, and always end up buying jewelry or the like. Does anybody else have this problem?

About being completely uninspired by Flare’s list, I decided to create my own. Buying gifts for family, friends, and even colleagues can be excruciatingly painful. You never want to spend too much or too little, yet you want the gift to be thoughtful. You want to get them something they wouldn’t get themselves, but not something that’ll end up on the shelf in the basement. I’m sure we’ve all received some gifts and have wondered, “Why on earth…?” – like that time I received a scarf made of rabbit feet. I’m not even exaggerating. It looked a little like this.

I try to keep in mind a quote from Love Actually whenever I go shopping for someone. I disagree with the situation in which it was said, but the quote itself holds true.

I don’t want something I need. I want something I want – something pretty.

This is the secret of gift giving.

Sadly, we can’t buy diamonds and gold jewelry for every occasion during the year. We need to get creative.

With that in mind, I present to you some gifts that I think most would appreciate, all under $50!

Zodiac Pouch, $28.60 This adds a personal touch to a gift without being over the top, a great gift for those tricky people on your list!
Owl Cookie Jar
, $40.91 Ok, let’s face it. Who doesn’t love owls, and who doesn’t love cookies? No one! This cookie jar is sure to be a hit with anyone. 
Allure by Diana Vreeland
, $26.36 With a new foreword by Marc Jacobs, Vreeland lends her famous knack for turning a phrase to an astonishing array of fashion, celebrity, and fine art photographs.
Multi-Stripe Gloves, $38.00 Ok, these may be classified as a “need”, but if anyone needs some gloves, these are the way to go. Cute, comfy, and not at all boring, these are sure to be loved.
Sculpted Jewelry Catchall
, $49.95 We all struggle with jewelry storage, yet how many of us have actually gone out and done something about it? My sister gave me a similar jewelry tree for Christmas last year and I love it. It helps organize jewelry and it’s an amazing display on the dresser.
Modern Art Abstract Painting, $35.00 Yes, that’s right. An original piece of art for as little as $35. Buying art for a person can be tricky, and what’s great about this piece of artwork is that it isn’t too big.
Coffe Slut Mug, $11.20 If you have a friend or colleague with a sense of humour, this can be the perfect (and cheap!) gift for them. My sister (if she’s made it into this list twice, she must be a good gift-giver!) gave my mom one over the summer that said “Queen of Effin’ Everything”. It was good fun. You just need to make sure they do have a sense of humour…
10-in-1 Game Set
, $19.99 This is a great gift for almost anyone, especially for families. 
Notebook with Key Shaped Pen, $45.00 I fell in love with this idea. An adorable notebook and a necklace with a key-shaped pen? I mean really, what more could a list-maker like myself dream of?
Baggu Bag Collection, $47.20 These bags can be monogrammed – a touching gift for someone you know well or just an acquaintance.

Don’t see what you’re really hoping for? Let me know!