Because everyone needs some love

by Natalie Heather

Now that we’re done spending all of our money on Black Friday sales (guilty), I am here to remind you that Christmas is still coming. Yeah, that means more spending.

After doing a gift giving guide for women, I realized there was an even more difficult candidate to shop for: the man. I’m not just talking spouse, I’m talking brothers, fathers, cousins and colleagues. They are all difficult to shop for, without even meaning to be! With women there is an easy escape: jewelry. How often have you bought a man a necklace that he has actually worn? Yeah, I know.

Here are some of my favourite items that I think will be pretty universally liked by men (and all under $50!). Sadly, I only had one man to run it by (thank goodness for Robin), so I can’t guarantee anything.

World Map Cufflinks, $19.55 Come on, talk about the perfect set of cufflinks. Bound to be loved by all.
The Art of Manliness
, $14.43 This is a bit more of a joke gift (we don’t want men to be offended now, do we?) but I thought it was a really good little book, tips on what to do and how to be (or appear to be) manly.
Moustache Clock, $25.40 Just for giggles. Or, just buy it for that guy you know who’s part of Movember.
Universal Remote Control & Bottle Opener
, $14.99 Don’t deny it, you know that every man would love this. Television and beer, what more could they ask for?
Glenfiddich 12 Year Highland Scotch Single Malt, $46.75 A safe bet for that person you kind of feel obliged to shop for but don’t really know what they want.
Old Time Sling Shot, $21.00 Just be careful you don’t give this to anyone too young.
Sleek & Stylish Pocket Watch, $42.00 I have a major thing for pocket watches. I mean, I love them. I also love it when men wear them, hence why this made it to the list.
Canvas Satchel, $21.99 “It’s not a man purse, it’s a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.”
Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks
, $9.95 A funny little notebook for someone who need to get their stuff done.
Rich Leather Wrap Journal, $45.00 This rustic journal is so lovely, and I can’t help but feel that every man (and woman) should have one of these hanging around for when inspiration hits.
Iron Airplane Hook, $39.00 A nice, classy touch to the man cave. Or the office. Or just the hallway. Wherever.

Have I missed something?