The Road to Happiness

by Natalie Heather

I’ve been pretty stressed lately, I’ll be honest. I think I have reason though, I have a lot due and little time to do it in. It’s been a tricky semester and I wasn’t able to get my assignments done as early as I’d have liked which means I am currently bubbling with anxiety.

I realized that something that is an immediate “feel better” trick is to have a bath. The bad news, and I have to warn you, it is really bad news – we have no bubble bath. I am serious. I had tons when I lived with my parents, but for some reason… I didn’t bring any when I moved out. I’ve been looking out for a good one to get, but I really have no idea which brands are good and which are not.

This morning I woke up with the worst stomach ache, so I’ve proclaimed today a girl’s day. And by that I mean, I will not be getting dressed, I will have bath upon baths, and I will just generally have a “Natalie Day” – I think I deserve one.

DSC_0074 1

I had a bubble-less bath this morning, and now I’m on to hot chocolate and a good read (does this count as reading?) – maybe I’ll go through my closet and finish figuring out what clothes to give away. That would make me feel good for sure! Read on to see the rest of my tips for a happy, stress-free day. (I think it’s pretty clear which step I’m currently on!)

The Road to Happiness

Start off with an amazing bubble bath. The one shown above is from Philosophy, but  I have never used it, so I can’t vouch for it at all, but it looks good! I’ve heard good things about Philosophy. This set includes a lip shine, a shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath combination and a body lotion. Interested? Look no further than  Sephora.

While you’re in the bath, you may want to listen to Home by Edward Sharpe and the The Magnetic Zeros. I’m telling you, this is my go-to feel good song. There’s something about the catchy tune and happy lyrics.

I always feel better when I get into something comfy. My go-to sweater is actually one I bought for a friend awhile ago (it was a thrift store find) but haven’t given to him yet. It’s not my fault! Whenever I run into him, I never have the sweater! It is heaven-sent, a very thick, woolly men’s sweater. Somewhat similar to the one shown from Own the Runway.

After you’re all cozy, you should try making a spiced chai latte for yourself. For some reason, the smell and taste of chai lattes calm me right down.I’d suggest you just run out and buy one (because what’s better than a hot chai latte in a coffee shop?) but after having a bath, who wants to go out into the cold? A Beautiful Mess came up with a home-made chai recipe, you may want to give that a go. It looks so tasty! If chai lattes aren’t your thing, make a quick cup of coffee, green tea, or even hot chocolate.

After you have your warm drink, pick up the most comfy blanket you own. I have one similar to the one shown from Chapters, but mine is gray (and old!). Snuggle up! Next, grab a book and settle down for a bit of relaxing time.  My favourite book is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I don’t know why, but this book always touches me so much. Grab a little nibble of chocolate, and you should be set for a bit of stress free time.

Do you have different anti-stress tactics? Let me know!

*I had originally posted about The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, but it was not the book I was talking about. I’ve since fixed it.

*Even better update – Robin went out and bought me some lavender bubble bath. Mhmm! Please excuse me while I go have another bath.