Psst, Pastels!

by Natalie Heather

I’m always a little nervous when it comes to spring. I mean – I love spring: the damp earth, all of the rain, the flowers! Not to mention my birthday. What makes me nervous is the wardrobe.


I adore pastels. They are so delicate, lovely, and happy. And pastels all blend together so well! But for some reason, I find they don’t suit me. I definitely go towards the darker end of the color scale. Though I have to say, that photo gives me hope that I can wear pastels someday.

I am left with only one choice: to restrict my pastel love to accessories only.


Beige Textured Frame Bag, $64
Skulk Ring Set, $27
Mojo Moxy Buffy Heel, $80
Floral Bow Headband, $4
Pastel Colourblock Clutch, $78
Flower Charm Necklace, $13
Pastel Bracelets, $15
Glittered Skinny Waist Belt, $5
Heart Lock Shoulder Bag, $30
Bunger Pastel Bag, $50
Henderson Band Daisy Cut-Out Detail Pumps, $80

Ok, I have to say, I’m really looking forward to spring now.