Be Chic(nova)

by Natalie Heather

I always get nervous when I order from a store for the first time. You just never know, right?

Well, I won a giveaway in December from Jessy Dust (thanks again, doll!) It is actually the first giveaway I’ve ever won, so I was super excited. I squealed a little. A lot. Anyways, the giveaway was for a store I didn’t know named Chicnova.

I had trouble choosing what to order. Though I loved a lot of their clothes, the majority of them are one size and considering I’m slightly larger than average, it is definitely not a safe bet!

I took a look through the accessories section and fell in love with just about everything. Talk about gorgeous scarves! Yep, that’s right, I ordered a scarf. Well, a snood to be a bit more precise.


I made my order near the end of December and received it yesterday. I also ordered a pair of earrings, but they either got lost en route or are coming in a separate package. The first thing to note is that delivery (at least to Canada) took around a month. If you’re not in a rush, then you are good to go. An added bonus is that Chicnova is very decently priced.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to scarves, so I was a little nervous about ordering this one without even having touched it. Luckily, it all worked out. I am in love with this snood. I mean, it smells a little like my basement, but it is so comfortable and versatile.

Robin and I had a lot of fun taking the pictures. I tend to get extremely awkward and make a lot of faces at the camera (see below), but we managed to get a few decent photos.


I don’t know what it is about this photo, but I absolutely love it.

Back to Chicnova – I’ve compiled a list of my favourites items under $30. Go on girl, treat yourself.


Candy Color Shoulder Bag, $21.50
Green Fleck Knitted Snood, $29.40
Vintage Owl Ear Studs
, $9.90
Vintage Elastic Waist Skirt in Velour, $29.40
Check Print Button Chain Vest, $29.40
Patent Yellow Wallet, $23.40

If you don’t shop, this face will haunt you.


I’m just kidding.