Dressing for Saint Valentine

by Natalie Heather

With Valentine’s Day on our doorsteps, I thought I would share with you what I was planning on wearing. On Valentine’s day, we are going for dinner with my parents, my sister and a family friend at our favourite Indian restaurant, Le Taj.

As with every special occasion, I spent some time thinking about what I would wear. Is the the time for the sequinned skirt? Is all black appropriate? Should I focus on eyes or lips when doing my makeup? Do I have to wear red? How will I do my hair? Maybe I’ll paint my nails…


Jacket – Smart Set
Brooch – Vintage
Skirt – Dynamite
Shoes – Aldo
Bracelet – Ralph Lauren

This photo didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but you can definitely get the idea. On Friday, I’ll share a picture of me actually wearing it! How exciting!

This is actually one of my favourite outfits, and I think it’s because I finally get to wear the little black jacket I bought ages ago. I find that it’s an extremely boxy jacket, and not uber flattering in most situations. It’s amazing what doing up the front can do (as you will see on Friday!) Sadly, I won’t actually to be wearing heels since the weather outside is atrocious. Instead, I’ll be pulling on my winter boots. Darned!

Robin and I actually celebrated our Valentine’s Day on Monday evening. Imagine Lady & the Tramp, re-enacted. In your living room. Yep – Robin made spaghetti and meatballs, picked up a bottle of wine and lit so many candles that our apartment was a fire risk. I have the say, the meatballs were absolutely delicious. Robin made them himself, and I’ll be sharing the recipe soon. Mhmm!


As you can see, Robin also picked up some flowers! On his way home, he said that many people were smiling at him, and one person even honked and gave him the thumbs up!

Robin also picked us up a pet cactus (photo to come!) whom I named George. He’s currently residing on my bedside table, but I am thinking of moving him to my desk because there is much more sunlight.

We often have “date nights” at home. Sometimes we’ll stay in our pyjamas and watch movies, something we’ll get dressed up and buy a (cheap) bottle of wine. I love when we get dressed up because it gives us both a chance to wear our fancy clothes. I hardly ever get the chance to wear heels (especially in Canadian winters), but our date nights are the perfect opportunity. On Monday I opted for my royal blue Calvin Klein sheath dress with black heels. It was a very lovely Valentines.